You are not the only one, wondering about making some extra money. You might be struggling to make regular payments on utility bills or credit card bills. So, few more bucks are always helpful to get an extra room to pay off these financial obligations. Well, considering a part-time job may be the best option to increase the income. But, there are some other ways of earning extra cash instead of the conventional part time job i.e. “delivering pizzas from door to door”.

11 Unusual ways to earn extra money

Generating extra income on the side is a smart way to boost your savings account as well. So, let us here discuss how to get started to earn some little cash.

1. Take part in Online surveys

Try to take part in online surveys to get paid in return by the market research companies. The market research companies will pay you back for your effort and time for answering their queries.

2. Start Online tutoring

Online tutoring is a good option to use your educational experience and knowledge to earn money. There are many students need educational assistance on online. So, if you have sound knowledge in a particular field, then you can work as a professional guide.

3. Sell unwanted things

There are lots of things in your home that you wouldn’t need anymore, but are in good     condition. Hold a garage sale to sell these items to get some extra money. Some websites allow buying and selling of such things such as eBay, craigslist, amazon etc.

4. Fill out offers online

This is one of the quickest ways of earning money online. Find out some websites and sign up for their free offers. Fill out the forms on the site, confirm your email address, and you are off to earn money online. The two main sites you can join to complete offers are and

5. Write reviews for products and services

Now, buyers prefer to read the detailed information and other user’s feedback before making any purchase. They find reviews for the particular product or service to ensure that they are going to take a wise decision. Some shopping information sites always look for contributors who would be interested in contributing to their websites by writing reviews for their products and services. They will offer a good amount of money for every contributed review. You just need to write a good scannable review to get paid.

6. Upload photographs to earn money

If you’re a passionate photographer, then utilize your skill to earn from some websites. Click some interesting and funny pictures and upload them on websites. If any of your photos get featured on the site, then you will get up to $50 for the photograph.

You need to register yourself on the site for uploading photographs. Try to check the gallery to know what sort of photographs, usually get featured on the site. Remember, you need to upload photos that solely belong to you, or else you will not be paid even if it gets featured.

7. Sell your skills

Your skills are valuable and you’ll be able to get much more than a penny for sharing your skills on a particular subject. For instance,  if you  have business expertise that are outstanding or if you understands the other person’s psychology, then you could get paid from the person.

8. Sell body parts (plasma, hair)

A person can legally sell plasma, hair for cash in the US. Most of the clinics in big cities will pay up to$35 for plasma donation. But, remember, you need to have a healthy body.

9. Get enrolled in a clinical trial

Take part in a clinical trial to earn cash. Clinical trial seeks healthy volunteer in the hopes of observing the response of their new treatments.

10. Become a model

Model artists require models to draw bodies of all shapes and sizes. So, if you’re comfortable poseing in front of the artists, then life modeling will be a great option to earn money. You’ll be paid  $12 to $13 per hour. Usually, a session will continue for 3 hours. Interested person should contact their local colleges, art organizations and community centers to know the information in detail.

11. Guide the tourists

Sometimes, knowing the history of the city where you live can be profitable. Yes, you may be able to earn money by guiding tours.

Final words

If you are creatively inclined and love to create things like bags, candle stands, then you can hold a yard sale to sell them. Besides, the Internet makes your working from home convenience like never before. You just need a working knowledge of the web to start off earning a few extra dollars. Besides, the time for working is also flexible and can be arranged according to your convenience. If you have knowledge in promoting the products of other merchants on your website, then you can earn thousand of bucks from affiliate marketing. So, turn your hobby, skills into a part-time money generator to get a financially secured life.

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