It will be a blunder if you’re waiting for long vacation weeks to have fun. It doesn’t matter where and how you’ve spend your time. What matters most is to enjoy every moment. Apart from these, appreciating little things in life and living every moment joyfully is very important. Not all of us can do it. The moment you realize that “happiness is just gazing the star” you’ll be able to make yourself and other happy in your way. It’s not that difficult. Just close your eyes and think about some crazy fun. If you’re not so much good on imagining things, then my article can give you some good options. These are:

Here goes some freaking cheap and fun ideas to enjoy the weekend

  1. Host a “1 minute make time”party. Just invite few friends of yours or your kids and take challenge to create something in a minute. It can be a painting, craft etc.
  2. Set your favorite music and dance with your kids or your partner. You can invite some friends at home for dancing, singing as well.
  3. Plant herbs on your garden. Or make the soil ready for gardening.
  4. Explore your local park with your kids, family or friends.
  5. If there’s a lake near at your house , then watch the exclusive sunrise or sunset and do some photography of this great view.
  6. Search on craigslist to find out free concerts going on in your nearest park.
  7. Catch the summer popular free street performances in your city.
  8. Visit a pond with the fishing rod to check your patience level.
  9. Pack your lunch and have a long ride with your family or friend.
  10. Play games at home (cards, board, monopoly, scrabble )
  11. Take some exclusive photographs or write down an article for your blog.
  12. Explore your local museum or zoo.
  13. Just unpack your camera and treat your city as an unknown land. Take pictures of your city. Exploring nature is great fun.
  14. Try to visit an “U-pick” spot to your kids to pick strawberries, or other fruits.
  15. Go to your nearest sea beach and play with sands all the evening.
  16. Just spend the weekend while arranging all the clothes and ornaments in your closet.
  17. Gaze the stars with your kids while lying on roof top.
  18. Clean all the unwanted things and donate them in good will store.
  19. Have a bike ride with your partner.
  20. Set up your to do list for coming days.
  21. Tell a fairy tale to your kids.
  22. Bowling is real fun. You kids will love it.
  23. Set a small bonfire on your front yard and enjoy the last winter.
  24. Cook some new dishes and wire down the recipes on our recipe book.
  25. Make some kites and teach your kids how to fly them.

Final words

You needn’t have only some expensive options like, long vacation, attending concert etc. to have fun on weekends. Go back to your young age. You’ll surely find out some crazy but ultimate fun ideas to do.