“Money is a crucial factor in everyone’s life. Thus, it requires your concern”. “bad money habits can spoil your financial future”. All this lines are well understood to all adults, but what about kids? A kid needs your attention at their early age in order learn about finances. It’s very important to teach the children about the importance of money. Unless, they become a reckless spender, or can live beyond their means. So, before giving them pocket money try to teach them about some basic financial lessons. This lessons can enlighten their future financial life. Because, once your children understand the importance of money, they will be able to manage their finances of their own.

Read the article to know how to build some good money habits in your children. So, all moms…Trust me! it’s as easy as making the banana milk shake ! 🙂

  1. Make saving fun for your children

Try to make your children feel that saving is not a fear factor. Saving is a friend which can make the life more easy. So, everyone should learn how to save money. And this is quite an easy and achievable task. Thus, they feel motivated and learn the lessons with a positive attitude. Try to make the saving process as easy as a game. It’s very important to make it an easy and full of fun task unless they may lose their interest.

  1. Ask them to purchase their own things

Ask your children to buy their own things from shop. Thus, you can teach them about the right way to shop. Also they will understand the difference of prices between different items and, in turn, realize the importance of money. Teach them how to do split budgeting to shop each items which are required. Ask your children to shop according to the budget and not exceed the limit. Thus, you can build a good habit in to them and they will learn the importance to budget and its benefits as well. They can also learn how to keep track the spending on a regular basis.

  1. Allow them for part time job

Many types of jobs (part time, jobs on weekends) available these days. So, encourage your children to get involved in one such part time work. Thus they can earn money and can learn some new things as well. Gradually they will understand the importance of money. And will surely take initiative to save money of their own. Allow them to get involved in  household works such as cleaning their room, lawn so on. And as a reward, give them some money. Don’t forget to appreciate their job. 🙂


It is very much required to make the children aware about the money matters. They should know the fact that “money does not grow in a tree”. Everyone should work hard to earn money . And equally saving hard earned money is important to secure future.