Are you ready to welcome the New Year? What financial resolutions you have made? I have made these easy to keep financial resolution this year. I strongly recommend you to make simple financial resolutions to stay focused throughout the year.

Some easy to keep financial resolutions are as follows:

  1. Follow a frugal budget

Budgeting helps you to save money, but frugal budgeting helps you to save more money than usual. So, this coming year, practice frugal budgeting. Craft a practical budget by cutting down on unnecessary expenses. Stop eating out and cancel your gym membership and magazine subscriptions. You can rather read from the Internet and the library and do exercises on your own. Give up on any kind of impulse buys.

  1. Set a spending limit

Setting a spending limit before you start purchasing things is a prerequisite, especially when there are such a large number of cash-strapped individuals. But only setting a spending limit will not be enough as you also have to follow it religiously. Don’t out-stretch your budget as this may push you further into the debt. Now onwards, try to carry a wish list to avoid unnecessary expenses while shopping.

  1. Live within your means

Treat each penny like it was someone else’s not yours. Keep track over your every penny to know where it is spent and how much. Thus, you’ll be able to value your hard earned money. Modify your budget as per your needs and financial condition, from time to time as well.

  1. Consider recycling

Consider the dollar store to get gently used items. Keep eyes on freebies, discounts and offers as well. Thus, you can save a significant amount of money to secure your financial future.

Finally, the most important trait that you must adopt this New Year EVE is saving money. Save money aggressively from all of your expenditures and start putting this money into savings accounts in 2017. It is better to create separate savings accounts for different purposes and so you can also customize your savings accounts as per your savings strategies.


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