Easter is coming, probably 3 day away! And there must be hundreds of things that you got to do! Dresses for your kids, egg dyeing, menus so on and of course some decoration that can give an extra essence of this occasion. Don’t worry there are lot of simple decor ideas that are ideal for Easter and can make your home beautiful as well . Read on to know about them.

  1. Craft a charming display of bunny

Instead of buying costly charming bunnies you can make your own to  decorate your house. You can also arrange them on a small table or in a basket as they’ll look sweeter in a basket. You can get lots of DIY method on Internet.

  1. Make simple bows

You should be having something hanging like curtains in your home and if you can make simple bows with red, blue and green laces, you can easily pin them down with the curtains.This will enhance the look of the curtains and your windows will be prepared to look more beautiful as never before.

  1. Hang a collection of Dye egg basket

You can hang some baskets full of dye eggs on your mantle, shelf or a wall.

  1. Decorate your home by putting up lights

You can decorate your house by plants and by hanging some lights that can make your house look bright at evening.

  1. Decorate the wine glasses

You can even decorate your wine glasses by tying a ribbon round the glass. If the glasses are simply kept, you can fill the glasses with candy canes. Display such glasses on a side shelf.

  1. Add color to your home

Easter usually involves many bright colors, you can fill up the room with some colored flowers . Use the flowers like carnations, mums, daisies and roses so that they may even add some fragrance to your room.

Bottom lines

You can decorate your garden as well. Well, definitely, there are some green ways to celebrate a festival like Easter. You can simply plant flower seeds, vegetable seeds along with your kids. And doing this hide the Easter eggs and ask them to find out. Specially, I loved this idea 🙂