You might have been following a proper plan throughout 2015, but what about this year? If you would like to change your policies and set new strategies for this Year, then it’s high time that you start working on these from now onwards.

Being a mom, you’ve lot of things to do. You need to think about your kids meal, their health, other household chores, grocery and so on. Moreover, you need to take care of yourself  and make others stable in a family. In order to make all your tasks organized, make some ideas that can help you to experience a more successful year.

Here are the 8 simple yet unique ideas that will help you to save more on your expenditures in this year.

  1. Stay rigid on your weight -loss plan

Staying fit is everyone’s desire but it needs some effort to get the best result. So, don’t console yourself by the line “ I want to lose weight”. Take your weight loss plan as a real challenge and tell yourself that “ I’ll surely lose weight by doing more work out on a regular basis and will never eat junk food frequently.” If you have a gym membership card, then do visit to utilize the amount you paid. Take baby steps to achieve your goal. Don’t try to lose weight aggressively, You may get into serious health problems. Rather, you must lead a healthy lifestyle. As an example, you need to take nutritious diet, proper sleep, regular exercise and have proper food habit.

  1. Get new cooking recipes

Try to learn some new cooking recipes as these can help you avoid eating out. Do some experimentation with the cheap and simplest of dishes to give them that new taste and look. This is going to help you save a big amount of bucks. Eating out is expensive and it is a habit most people have. Take some cooking lessons to try out new dishes and surprise your family.

  1. Get new electric fittings

Electricity can cost you lots of dollars too. So, save some money, fix the fittings and renew the holders and switches. This helps in consuming less electricity and so you may also be able to save money on this. Get the lights that consume less electricity. Apparently these bulbs can cost you more but in the long run, it can help you save money on electricity. To avoid high expenditure on this, you can buy one or two in a month, and then two others in the next month and so on.

  1. Install a power strip  

In order to save money on electricity, you can also install a power strip and also a thermostat in your home. The power strip (while being attached to electric appliances) helps in switching those off when not in use. The thermostat too helps you in saving money on electricity and does not cost you much.

  1. Go green to save money

You can also try to go green in order to save money. For example, grow some organic vegetables at the back of your kitchen. This can help you save money on food and have a good health as well. Then, you can refurbish your house in a way so as to allow more light and air into your house. Increased ventilation and more light may help to make you less dependent on electrical appliances.

  1. Become more organized

Another thing that is important and is an essential part of frugal living is being disciplined and organized. For example, you must have been using coupons to save money on grocery but have been missing deals due to lack of proper organization. From now on, try to become more organized. Like, simply cutting out coupons won’t do. You will have to organize those based on the dates and the items. You can also exchange the coupons with your friends and relatives or neighbors as per your need and their requirements. You should never forget to check the backside of the store receipts as these too have discounts printed on them.

  1. Save extra money

If you’ve got a raise at work, then don’t just spend the money on useless things. Try to save that extra money without reducing your other expenditures. Try to follow the same rule throughout the year. You can use that money for rainy days or in case any emergency happens.

  1. Start saving for golden age

There is no actual age to start saving for retirement. So, this is the right time to start saving a certain amount of money for your golden age. The sooner you start saving for retirement time, the better. You can have stress free leisure time with your spouse.

Moreover, say “goodbye” to the pile of poisonous cleaning stuff. Switch over to some DIY homemade cleaners to clean your bathroom, kitchen sink, floors and so on. Use baking soda, vinegar to clean the rigid dirt. Use a spray bottle to make the cleaners handier. You can also make eco-friendly DIY laundry detergent. Search online to know these methods. There are so many things to learn. Take action first. You’ll surely make this year more successful and perfect.

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