The month of love is knocking the door, but don’t avoid your tax work due to the excitement of Valentine’s Day. You should prepare all the necessary tax related tasks beforehand so that you can avoid the last minute rush. Remember doing a work at the eleventh hour causes many mistakes, so you must do your important work taking time in the hand.

However, if you’re one of them who panic during the tax season, then you must read this article to get rid over your panic.

These days, you can get innumerable options to file your tax returns. If you’re an online savvy person, then for you online state tax filing is one of the most convenient ways to file your tax. Because now there are many states that provide free e-filing services for tax for free on their own websites.

However, you must follow some basic tips while filing tax online.

Tip 1:  Use a search engine to locate your state’s taxation department.

Tip 2: Make sure you look for the e-option after opening a website for tax filing. Find proper information on e-filing in your state so that you file your tax return correctly. After visiting the tax filing website, find links to the website on online tax preparation sites.

Tip 3: Read the fine print before start working with a tax preparation site. Generally, a few websites that provide free state filing along with your federal taxes on the site. Don’t overlook the traps that the websites have laid for you like the free filing offers etc.

Tip 4: Prepare your W-2s once you get an authenticated website. Go step by step through the tax return form when you opt for e-filing. Sign and mail it to into your state taxation office after taking out a print of the last page of the form.

Tip 5: Don’t forget to look for an option to sign your return electronically. You may require to setup PIN number to access the e-filing.

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