The month of flaunting our love and relationship (February) is here. Yes, starting from Rose Day to Valentine’s Day, you may not get much time to think about your budget. But, that doesn’t mean you can disobey your personal budget in the month of February. You have 1 whole week to make an early plan for your Valentine’s day expenditure. Trust me making an early plan can make your Valentine’s Day more peaceful and memorable than you ever had. After all, you’ll no longer need to suffer from February financial hangovers. So, I think, it should be a worthy option for every Romeo and Juliet, who want to bang the most happening Day of celebrating Love.

This week we’re sharing tips on celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget, planning for tax time, easter expenses and summer vacation. Here you go.

Valentine’s Day

You must include your Valentine’s Day expenditures in your monthly budget. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to track your money. You should buy a gift for your partner. Set a budget for the gift that you’re going to buy. Because there are many other things to organize to celebrate the whole day. You should shop around before buying a gift. Try to conduct an online research to get the best gift at an affordable rate. Remember, no one will punish you if you bring other seasonal flowers instead of those pricey red roses. How can you save money on flowers? Just pick seasonal flowers and make a nice bouquet with greenery. You can add one red rose instead of buying a dozen of pricey roses. Now you have to save money on food. How? I personally feel, having a cozy candle light dinner together is more romantic than visiting an overly crowded restaurant. Just cook one or two dishes that both of you love. Spending a lazy cozy evening watching the favorite movie and sipping favorite drink is a fantastic idea than wasting time at the crowded nightclub. If you want a day out on Valentine’s Day, then you can plan for a local stay to enjoy instead of traveling the whole Day. You can go for a camp night out as well. The warm bonfire under the starry sky will be the most amazing experience.

Tax filing

After all the enjoyment, you should be ready for the most important financial task for the year. Yes, you’re right with your guess i.e. “Tax Filing”. You must be organized for filing tax to submit it within the stipulated time. Remember, the earlier you file, the sooner you can get your refund back. The IRS starts accepting the files from mid-January. If you don’t file your tax yet, then get, set, and ready to file it now. How to get ready for tax filing? Organize you all financial documents, calculate your savings and expenditures. These days, online tax filing takes less time, so it’s no longer a stressful work. Remember, maintaining personal records helps you to complete your tax filing without wasting time. Thus, you can avoid late payment fees and additional interest charges as well.

Easter planning

The third most important financial event that comes into February- March slot is Easter. Yes, like any other holidays, if you don’t plan earlier, then preparing for Easter can put a dent in your pocket. Easter shopping adds up very quickly and without a proper budget, you won’t be able to manage all the expenses. So, you must make a list of your Easter expenses earlier. Try to set aside a certain amount of money to avoid money stress during Easter. If the last year’s Easter items are in good condition, then reuse them for the Easter basket. Start collecting coupons and shop on sales to grab Easter deals. Remember, less is more. So, try to make the celebration as simple as possible to enjoy a good financial health all the year around.

Summer enjoyment

If you’re thinking about a long summer vacation with your family this year, then you should start the planning from now. Start searching the best affordable hotels for the stay on the Internet. Compare hotel rates along with flight rates. Remember, earlier booking can save a significant amount of money than booking at the 11th hour. So, make a proper plan to enjoy a budget vacation this year.

Finally, Besides all the celebration, financial event, and many more big expenses you need to be careful about your household expenses. Remember, day to day expenses need your extra caring. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to maintain your budget and save some money for the future. So, you must revisit your budget on a regular basis and make changes as per the requirement.


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