Summer is over, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. Autumn is a season of color, love, and fun. The fall season is ideal to have some outdoor fun with the family. Here are some easy ideas to have fun-filled during the fall season.



  • Decorate the front patio with the kids to welcome the fall season. It is a great fun for the whole family as well.
  • Visit a craft show with the family.
  • Invite your kids’ friends and host a fall popcorn party to enjoy the Sunday evening.
  • Fix an early morning walk to watch the sunrise on a cooler day.
  • Fly kites with your kids on the weekend.
  • Visit a local park and take photos of the fall season and your family. You can create an excellent fall family album with the pictures.
  • Organize a sport even for your kids along with their friends.
  • Plan a day for the picnic.
  • Go for a nature trip and jump in leaf piles with kids. Don’t forget to take photos.
  • Take part of a local harvest festival.
  • Encourage your kids to attend a fall festival to enjoy games, crafts, and other activities.
  • Go for a family bike ride.
  • Enjoy baking with the whole family.
  • Organize bonfire in your front yard to enjoy the cold outside. You can invite the extended family as well. Your kids will enjoy the company of the grandparents.
  • Hit the road with your family. Experience the brighter colored nature with the crisp air.
  • Explore the fall foliage in your local park.
  • Go for pumpkin picking event with your kids.
  • Search all old clothes that are dumped in the closets and organize a yard sale. Ask your kids to volunteer the sale.
  • You can create any of a cartoon character with kids and place it in your front yard.
  • Visit your local orchard for apple picking.
  •  Get prepared for Halloween.               


The temperature is dropping, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit in the room with your kids. Step inside any corn maze or take a hayride to enjoy the bright sunshine and the harvest season. Don’t miss the educational fun as well. Visit the nearest museums, zoos, science center. If you’ve more ideas that aren’t listed, then feel free to comment here.

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