Halloween is just around the corner and it’s known for creepy costumes, delicious candies and fun decorations. Your kids may be waiting to see what fun items you come by this year. So, get ready for Halloween with some healthy, easy to make fun food ideas! I want you to enjoy most of the day with your kids instead of making foods at the kitchen all the day. This is why I compiled some easy fun, food ideas that your little one will love.

Have a look!

Halloween Fun Food Ideas

Making frightful and fun foods don’t always need lots of ingredients and time. You can easily make this type of items with some common ingredients and this will take few hours or less.  What are those? Let’s see!

  1. Banana Ghosts

Bananas are a very common fruit and can give a perfect ghost shape. Just take half of a banana and place chocolate chips for eyes and mouth.  Serve a plate full of banana ghost and see so much fun to eat!

  1. Grapes Caterpillar

You can make some green caterpillar with grapes! How? Dear, it’s very simple and easy to make. Buy grapes, some long wooden skewers vanilla frosting and chocolate chips that you have already used for making a banana ghost. Now thread the grapes onto the skewers like kebabs. Drop the vanilla frosting and put the chocolate chips to make eyes. See how cute are they!

  1. Tangerine Pumpkins

This is another great idea for making healthy Halloween Fun Food.  Peel some tangerines and remove the white membranes  as much as possible.  Now cut some beans and insert them into the top of the tangerines like pumpkins.

Now it’s time to feed your little hungry ghosts. I hope your kids will love these creepy treats that are nutritious as well.

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