More money-saving gadgets are more accurately described as trendy or convenient gadgets. The concerns of this article will help you get educated on the latest gadgets that will produce bottom-line savings for their users and also help them contribute to the global environment.

CFL bulbs

Anybody who is looking to lessen their impact on the environment must start off with CFL bulbs. The cost of CFL bulbs is nothing more than an incandescent lamp and is famous for consuming up to 75% less energy. You can look for such CFL bulbs from online sites and help you save money and energy. The CFL bulb lasts up to 10 times longer than normal bulbs.

P3 Watt Monitor

You can get shocked to know how much electricity your daily gadgets can consume. Equipped with this knowledge, you can also make modest changes to the way you use electricity in your home. Get a P3 Watt monitor that will send power usage data to you through the internet. Apart from staying aware of your electricity usage, you can also get this amazing gadget at a worth of $40.

Smart Strip LCG5 energy saving power strip

You must be aware that computers and other electronic devices consume a significant amount of electricity when in standby mode. This raises your electricity and other utility bills and also wastes energy. Get yourself the Smart Strip that costs $40 that comes with ‘auto-switching’ technology that will ensure that your electrical devices are switched off whenever you’re not using them.

High efficiency washing machines

One of the biggest expenses in terms of money and energy is while you wash your clothes with the help of a washing machine. If you’re powering a big machine, it will certainly cost you more. That’s why it is wiser to use a high-efficiency model and save a few hundred dollars up front. You can save energy by consuming less water than you used to.

You must have heard of the saying that says that you got to spend money to make money. How about spending money to save money? If you want to save and value your dollars, spend your money on getting the energy and money saving gadgets mentioned above. Utilize the saved money in paying off other debt obligations and leading a debt free life.

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