The ability to share your home with a cat or a dog is one of the greatest joys in life. They offer you love, loyalty, companionship and protection and in turn are able to win their way into your heart. Unfortunately, if your pet becomes ill or meets with a sudden accident, then you may have to drain your wealth to bear its medical cost. However, if you buy a suitable pet insurance policy, it will help your pet to get a proper medical coverage.

5 Tips to buy a pet insurance policy

The following tips will help you buy an insurance policy that will provide adequate coverage to your pet.

1. Research properly

It is important for you to search properly and find the right insurance policy suitable for your pet. Try to check all the aspects of the policy such as the covered benefits, the limits, and exclusion of the policy.

2. Get a benefit schedule

A benefit schedule is a list of diagnosis and the maximum amount that a pet insurance plan will pay when your pet will require the diagnosis for that specific disease.

3. Cover the genetic conditions

If your pet is a purebred, then it can suffer from genetic and hereditary problems. The surgeries and treatment cost of these types of illnesses are very expensive. Hence, you should make sure whether or not your plan includes this coverage.

4. Check the per-incident limit

For any type of accident or illness, per-incident limit restricts the amount that is required to cover the medical cost of your pet. Some companies even have per-incident limits which are meant for a lifetime. Once you have applied for the coverage for a certain disease, you cannot apply for it again for the same cause for the rest of your pet’s life. If your plan consists of such limits, then you must know exactly how it works.

5. Cover the pre-existing disease

You may find that certain companies will not cover the cost of the pre-existing disease of your pet and some companies may cover only the curable disease of your pet. Thus, you must check whether or not your plan will cover the pre-existing curable disease of your pet.

Lastly, try to keep your pet clean and take it for routine check-ups so that your pet remains healthy and active throughout its life.

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