College costs is rising very fast. These days very few students are able to fund their studies without taking out loan. If you take student loan for your education, then you have to repay the loan back after getting job. Otherwise you’ll fall in student loan debt. However, if you adopt some good financial habits, then you may get a willful education future and you can stay away from debt as well. Here you go:

Follow a frugal lifestyle

It is a universal fact that everyone hates to follow a frugal life especially when you have just entered college, but you have no option. Although you would feel awful to follow a budget you need to do it in order to stay at the top of your finances. You should chalk out a budget for yourself which you would follow weekly and adjust your income and expenditure according to this budget.

Take up a part time job

Taking up a part time job in college can increase your income stream. If you don’t have much time left after attending your regular classes and tuitions, you can work under some professor of any of the subject you take or as a research assistant. In this way, your knowledge will also be enhanced.

Reduce cost on transportation

You can reduce cost on transportation by using public transport as much as possible and not drive around your own car.

Use a student credit card

Many credit card companies offer student credit cards that have special features for students and would help them stay out of debt. use such student credit cards instead of the standard ones.

Buy stationery in bulk

Pencil, pen, eraser. Notepad and other such stationery are objects that you would need all the year round. Instead of buying those one by one as each gets over, you can buy them in bulk. This will not only be convenient, you can also get discount for the bulk shopping that you have done.

Thus you can see how by following the above points you can stay out of debts in college and reduce your burden for the future.

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  • So true, for college and graduate school. When I was in school, I tried to get the cheapest (but still safe) housing to save on rent. That meant having roommates, even when it wasn’t easy or when others were living solo. But I’m thankful now to have kept as frugal as possible then.

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