Recently, I visited Daytona beach with few friends. I always want to visit a nearby place for a break for saving money as well as enjoyment. My friends wanted to enjoy a beach time. I suggested Daytona Beach, they agreed and we all move out to the beach on a Friday morning. We reached Daytona by car. It took 7.30 hours and we reached Daytona beach at 2 PM. There are many small Inns, hotels, motels, resort, cottages in the Daytona beach area. We checked in at the beachside Inn with the very affordable rate. There was free internet, continental breakfast, pool, microwave, refrigerator etc.

Thing to do at Daytona beach

The beach was medium crowded and absolutely ideal to enjoy spring break. I enjoyed a lot. I got a little bit tan on my skin. But, the best part is the trip was a pocket-friendly that I always wanted. My friends were enjoyed too.

Beach view- The view is awesome. The beach is ideal for the variety of activities and entertainment for people of all ages. It’s great for Motorsports, cultural events, night, party, shopping and so on.

Weather-  The weather is now perfect for having fun under the sun. The average conditions are sunny and partly cloudy. (Search on google to know the current status).

Events- Daytona beach is an ideal destination for bike riders. You can catch up Annual rallies as well. Bike week celebration will be held in this month. Apart from these, you can find out Daytona blue festivals, Jackie Robinson ballpark, Greek festival, turkey run etc.

Food-  You can get almost every type of food at the Daytona beach area restaurants such as American, Italian, Mexican, vegan, wine etc. We ate seafood a lot. You can save a lot with buffets as well.

Outdoor enjoyment- Sparkling water, scuba dive are there. You can visit local parks with your family or can enjoy an eco-tour as well. Nice spas are there.

Safety tips- Front seat passengers of all ages need to use a seat belt.

                   Kids below 3 years need to be in safety car seat.

                    Try to keep some extra cash.

                    Lock your room before moving out.

                    Dial 911 for an emergency.

Moments at Daytona beach:



How can you enjoy spring break without breaking your budget?

Are you planning a spring break? Are you hesitant as it may lead penny pinching? If yes, then you should know that you can plan a fun-filled spring break without stretching your budget. All you need is to follow some tips while planning. Here are a few tips that I and my friends followed on our recent beach trip. Read carefully to save money on your trip.

  1. Consider a package tour

One of the best ways to plan a frugal spring break on a limited budget is to travel on a package tour. However, make sure you get a reliable travel agency when you decide to go on a package tour. Check online reviews to find out whether or not the agency you’ve chosen provides customer satisfaction before making a final decision.

       2. Consider a biking tour

For a budget tour, you can plan a biking tour and enjoy the sights together. Choose a local destination to save money on fuel.

       3. Avoid peak time

You can save a lot of money if you avoid traveling during peak time. It is better to travel on the next weekend of spring holidays. Thus, you’ll be able to get other facilities at no extra cost.

       4. Grab the last minute deals

Try to book the tickets in advance to get discounts. However, if you’re making travel plans at the last moment, then search for websites that offer last minute travel deals. You can take advantage of these deals to get discounts on airfare and stay. You may also subscribe to the websites to get E-mail updates.

       5. Always ask for discounts

Never forget to ask for discounts while making reservations at hotels or for car rentals. Sometimes, the organizations offer discounts on the prices listed in the brochures and websites. So, you may get discounts if you ask for it.

        6. Stay local

If your budget is limited, then try to plan a local visit instead of going out of the state or city. You can plan for a romantic camp night out. Thus, you’ll be able to stay within your budget as well as make your beloved happy.

        7. Keep less baggage to avoid baggage fees

Do you know that most of the carriers charge fees for checking bags? You can avoid paying this fee by carrying less or only one small bag. It’ll also help you save paying for expensive cabs as well.

Final thought

You need to be flexible while making travel plans on a limited budget. For instance, early morning and late night flight tickets are offered at discount rates. So, to save a certain amount of money you must take this opportunity. Try to plan a cozy and affordable getaway instead of a luxurious getaway. Remember, your loved one needs your time and affection, not a pricey gift or lavish vacation.


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