Being smart and being practical are the two things that can save you money. These two traits can also help you in succeeding in life. So, why not give importance to these traits while buying a gift card, if these can save you money?  

Perfect plan to give a gift card


While giving gifts to your near and dear ones, you may not want to fall straight into the sea of debt. Thus, it is important to consider some things before gifting a gift card. According to financial experts and Consumer Reports’ Money Adviser, gift cards are not that much a perfect gift from the point of view of the person going to gift it.


Though some new rules got introduced in the last year; though gift cards now are much better than what they used to be a year back, the new rules only apply to the bank and the merchant-issued credit or gift cards. Thus, it is better for you to pay really close attention to the terms if you have a reloadable card or a gift card which has not been marketed especially as a gift card.


So, one thing that you need to do while gifting a gift card is buying a bank or the merchant-issued one. If you do this, you will not only save yourself from the later hassles but also the person to whom you had gifted the card. Moreover, the bank issued credit cards can be used anywhere.


Another thing that you need to do is handing over the paper containing the terms and conditions, the details of the issuance of the card to the person you are going to gift the card. This is important because he/she may be able to use the papers, in case the card is lost or gets stolen.


Another thing is that as the bank issued cards have additional fees, you may think of simply gifting retail store card. But, before doing this, make sure that the person to whom you are gifting the card likes to shop in that particular store.


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  • Interesting take there Amy. Not many of us think in that much detail before buying gift cards. Especially giving the important papers of the card to the person gifted to is so important. A friend of mine was able to renew an unused bank gift card thanks to this foresight.

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