Summary of a conversation with my friend who is dealing with back-to-school shopping

Kate (a mom of two kids): I have to finish all back-to-school shopping before the first day of school.
Me: Make a list of prior shopping and shop the rest later. You can shop school supplies year-round.
Kate: No! I can’t get the best deals later. I should grab them to save money.
Me: You can stock up basic school supplies (pens, pencils, and notebooks) randomly whenever get the best offer.
Are you like Kate who only runs in the month of August to grab the best deal on school supplies and dump a huge amount of money at a time? Some stuff, especially basic school supplies are available throughout the year. So, those who are little late with their back-to-school shopping shouldn’t panic at all. You can still get the best school supplies as well as save money.

However, the Tax- free holidays are over, but that doesn’t mean all deals are closed for the year. You should find out every possible way to make it happen.
Here are some frugal tips for those last minute shoppers who are still hunting to stock up back-to-school stuff.

Grab the post- season deals

If you’ve not yet completed the back-to-school shopping then don’t miss the post-season clearance sales. Some shops are offer clearance discounts on back-to-school supplies.

Fix a shopping date

It’s not true that your child should have all the school supplies for the first day of his /her school. You can send your child with the basic supplies for the first few days of school, then fix a date with your child to buy the rest of the school supplies.

Skip the latest trends

Try not to buy an advanced version of school supplies that are available at a higher price. Some electronic products are expensive for their latest version than previous years’ models. For instance, buy a plain pencil pouch instead of the character-themed pouch or no need to buy glitter glue at a higher price when you can get the same effect from standard glue etc.

Keep eyes on garage sale and thrift stores

Garage sales are good to find deals on back to school supplies. You can get gently used clothes, shoes, and other supplies with the lower price. Ask your friend and relatives to keep an eye out and let you know about the sale. Thrift store can be available for the post back to school supplies with their dirt cheap price rate as well. So, don’t forget to visit!

Final words

I really loved those back- to-school time and hope all the moms are experiencing a good time with their back-to-schoolers. Cheer up, mommies! Last time shopping will help you to stock up some extra markers and other necessary items as well. Is there anything which I’ve not mentioned? You can leave your comments below.

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