If you want to achieve enhancement of body and mind, then practicing yoga is a good option. It helps you achieve body flexibility, strength, regular breathing, muscular co-ordination and relaxation. By practicing yoga regularly you can even prevent certain disease. If you have regular vegetarian diet, along with practicing yoga and meditation for at least an hour everyday, health problems such as blockage of arteries can be stopped and even reversed.

Combination of yoga and meditation

Controlled yoga along with meditation can help you achieve proper muscle coordination and relaxation which in turn can help you prevent heart disease. The various calming and stimulating measures result in reduced level cholesterol, LDL and triglyceride which are the factors for causing arterial blockage.

Significance of yoga poses

There are several yoga poses that can be used in order to increase the health of your heart. These poses are designed in such a way as to help your blood circulate properly and strengthen the heart muscles.

Poses to increase your strength and stamina

To increase your cardiovascular exercise and make your breathing more prompt and strategic you can use the warrior pose and the triangle pose. This also helps you in increasing your stamina and providing you with energy to go about your daily activities more effectively. It also helps you to replenish your body quicker and ensures that you sleep better.

Poses to increase body flexibility

You can also try out the tree pose, the mountain pose and the lotus pose to strengthen your heart. These yoga postures also help you in increasing your body flexibility which can prevent muscle cramping in the future.

Technique and effect of pranayama

A pranayama technique known as Kapalabhati breathing can also be used to enhance the effects of yoga. This requires you to breathe in quick successions while controlling the movements of the diaphragm consciously.  This is an exercise for the entire respiratory system, and as a result of this oxygen absorption in the blood is rapid. As a result oxygen rich blood can reach your heart continuously as thus one of the major causes of heart blockage is removed.

Nowadays, even doctors recommend a healthy diet and regular practice of yoga which can be a natural way of fighting against heart diseases. You should always remember that your health is in your own hands.

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