It’s been few years since iPhone has become popular among the other smartphones from Apple. in the market. It is one of the high-end phones that made your life simpler than ever. Most of the people are found to be extremely dependent on it for communication. Till now each version has been accompanied with a new operating system incorporating plenty of new features. However, some basic features of iPhone will remain the same, and the ingenuity of which will keep making plenty of your work simpler. Some basic features are as follows:

  1. Folders

You can organize applications into folders by dragging and dropping them on the home screen to get a fast access to your favorite applications.

  1. Front facing camera

Facetime feature is popular among iPhone users. It’s front facing camera helps to video chats with other iPhone users in high definition.

  1. Multitasking

Multitasking on your phone is now easier with iPhone. You can run the third party applications of your choice and switch between them easily without affecting the performance and speed of the foreground application or straining the battery. Thus, you’ll be able to listen to music while emailing and so on.

  1. iBooks

This is one of the ingenious applications of iPhone. You can read full-color books as well as browse and shop for books whenever you want.  This application works with PDF, which you can sync using iTunes on your PC or Mac. You can also customize and adjust the brightness, text size and more so as to suit the way you read.

  1. Video recording

You can use your iPhone 4GS to shoot and share high-quality video.

  1. Accessibility

The iPhone comes with a standard 4GS which you can use to avail a wide variety of accessibility features.

  1. Cut, copy and paste

Now you can use cut, copy and paste option in the phone. You can do this with words and photos even in between applications.

  1. Search

You can use your iPhone to search what you are looking for across the web.

  1. Camera

A high quality inbuilt camera that has the option of autofocusing on making the photographs clicked better.

  1. Voice control

This feature of the iPhone enables you to place a call or play a song just by using your voice.

  1. Maps and compass

Now you don’t have to worry about finding your destination in any unknown place. The maps and compass feature of the iPhone can help you find locations and get directions and orient yourself on the map.

Some more features  that make iPhone a must-have device

  • Custom Home Launchers
  • Wireless App Installation
  • True App Integration
  • Custom ROMs

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