Amy Nickson Welcome! I’m Amy, daughter of a single mom, Megan Nickson. I want to dedicate this blog (My first blog) to my mom as she is the one I respect, adore and honor most. She was my friend, philosopher and guide.  Losing your mom is like losing the shelter above your head. It makes you feel lonely, homeless, and emotionally vulnerable. But the most nerve wrenching part is that you miss your mom – badly.

I lost my mom 2 years back. In these 2 years, I missed and learnt a lot of things. I felt her absence as there are so many things to resolve. May be if she is there she will handle all matters. I own a small financial consultant agency  and write financial articles on a popular financial site too. Still, I have many financial issues in my life.

I learnt so many things from my mom. Actually, I think, being a single mom, things were not so easy for her. But, I really admire the way she managed everything (my birth, grown up stage, education, lifestyle, my student loans, mortgage so on).

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Apart from finance, I noticed how much she sacrificed to give me a good life. To be very honest, I missed my mom those office days, but I am sure she also missed me. I was the only entertainment for her. We had so many good times together. We had bad time also at the time of buying our first home. That time I learnt how to live on less as I loved to waste my money at Starbucks through my college. But gradually I felt money saving ideas are cool to enjoy every hard earned penny in a worthy way.

I got many financial learning’s from my mom. There are so many stories, I promise,I will share throughout my blog. So all moms out there are welcome to my blog to read my views regarding life, finance, foods, couponing, fun, travels  working moms dilemmas etc. You are also welcome to share your story so that I can learn something more.

Please stay in touch and share your comments on my posts. I believe I’m not an expert. I need critics like my mom. Thus, I can feel her presence and can learn new things as well!

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