A kids special day deserves a special gift. But, there is no need to spend so much money where with some little creativity you can optimize the cost. To inspire you, here goes some birthday gift ideas for kids, which will not cost you big.

Affordable birthday gift ideas for Kid’s

Birthday gifts will depend on the age group of the child. So, it is important to know the age of the child before buying the gift.
Drawing kits
Most of the kids love to draw. So, you can gift a drawing kit to a kid. You can personalize the gift by buying a plastic toolbox and filing it with various kinds of drawing supplies like crayons of different kinds, color pencils, paint pens and blow paints, markers, gel pens, simple pencils, rubbers of different shapes and sizes, water color and brushes, gums, etc. You can also gift a fashion drawing kit especially for girls which will have templates for designing their own clothes in different ways. There are also other kinds of drawing kits which can help a kid to create cartoons. So, you can gift one such kit too.

Stuffed stocking

Gifting a stuffed stocking is a great way to make a kid happy. However, if you want your gift to be affordable, you will have to keep in mind to put in little inexpensive items in the stocking. You can include items like colorful and sparkly toothbrushes – even the battery operated ones, toy cars, lip balms, ribbons and beads, nail polish, some other small toys, etc.

Unusual pets

Unusual pets are a great gift for the kids too. Unusual pets can be a hermit crab, brine shrimp, etc. These are quite affordable and kids are generally attracted to such things. Hermit crabs are especially cheap and are even good for kids who are allergic to pets.

Tub and sand toys

You can also gift tub and sand toys to a kid. These are, however, especially for kids in the age group of 3 to 5. These are cheap but great gifts for the kids. Tub toys can be used by the kids while having a bath. On the other hand sand toys add pleasure to the beach and the sandbox.


Books are also  a great option. If you are going to a birthday party of a kid under 5 years of age, you can get fairy tale books. Classic story books and other adventure books are ideal for teenagers. You can even get a detective story book for them as well.

You can also give such items like gift cards for edibles, coupons for games or a ride or maybe some hobby items.  Scrapbooks, home spa sets are also affordable gifts.