Are you that crazy coffee lover who always hunt for new recipes to make each sip blissful? If yes, then you must try out different flavors of coffee. There are various types of flavored coffee available in the market. But, the flavored oil used on the coffee beans leaves a layer on the coffee maker and it might change the taste of your next cup of coffee.

Here are some easy tips every coffee lover must know to have a different taste with each cup of coffee.

Tip 1: Buy a flavored creamer to mix with the coffee directly in your cup of coffee. You can get a variety of flavors. Thus, you’ll be able to avoid spoiling your coffee maker.

Tip 2: Try to flavor your coffee while it is brewing. If you have the ground coffee beans, then you can mix cinnamon or nutmeg with it before brewing. Grind various types of nuts with the coffee beans while brewing it. You can also try a fruity flavor to your coffee by adding orange or lemon zest.

Tip 3: You must add flavor in your cup while pouring the coffee into the cup and then stir it. Add a dollop of ice cream in your coffee to add a different flavor to it. You can also mix chocolate syrup or cocoa powder in your coffee to give a different taste.

Tip 4: Stir liquor in the coffee to add a different flavor.  Brandy, rum, cognac, or fruity liquors are also good choices for flavoring coffee.

Tip 5: A spoonful of whipped cream or a stick of peppermint can give a good flavor of your coffee. The flavor will dominate the taste of the coffee.


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