The season of bright sunlight is approaching fast. Many states in the US  have hot and humid summer. Hence, if you are residing in such states you should look after your health and take necessary precautions to not succumb to the weather conditions. Health care is an important part of your lifestyle. If you are not physically fit, then you will be unable to work or do anything productive for that matter. You should also purchase an adequate health insurance policy to cover the cost of any major health problems. Here are some tips that you can follow to keep yourself healthy during the summer months.

You must drink enough water

This is the first and foremost criterion to keep yourself healthy during summer. The heat causes loss of water from your body, which can result in muscle cramps and more severely dehydrate. So you should drink plenty of water every day in order to keep your body healthy and functioning properly. Also, you should avoid drinking too much of aerated drinks as this affects your health adversely.

Avoid doing strenuous exercise

If you have a habit of doing exercise regularly, then take care that you don’t do too much of it during summer. Doing exercise increases your body heat which in general is high because of the surrounding weather. This increases your chance of having a heat stroke. Thus, you should take care not to indulge in the too much physical activity that can increase your body temperature.

Stay away from tanning craze

Summer is a time when you would like to enjoy yourself, sunbathing whether on a beach or in your backyard. But you should remember that during the summer the sun’s rays are very strong and can damage your skin. Use sunscreen lotions with adequate SPF (Sun Protecting Factor) whenever you go out. Protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun will prevent sunburn and also premature ageing.

Consume fresh food

During summer you go out for picnics and outdoor activities quite often. At such times you tend to bring out food in the open for too long that can spoil the food and cause food poisoning. To avoid this you should follow food safety and food handling guidelines.

Apart from following the above tips you should also avoid taking the bath in lukewarm water that you do generally in all other seasons. Bathing in cold water would bring your body temperature down and help you in staying healthy during summer months.

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