You might be wondering how can these models strutting around on the stage in the different fashion events manage to look so gorgeous or maybe what’s so good about the celebrities? Well, the main idea behind looking beautiful or managing to look beautiful is healthy body, mind, and skin. Given this three, even if you wear most simple address, you may be able to make that so required impression on others. Now, just as it is important to pay attention to your face and hair and dress, it is similarly important for you to maintain your hands and feet.

Maintaining hands and feet

Just as it is important for you to pay attention to your similarly it is important for you to take care of your feet and your hands. It is important to beautify your hand and feet too. Our hands and feet do a lot for us and we won’t be able to do most of the things that we do.

Tips for healthy and beautiful hands:

Apply sunscreen – when coming to the application of sunscreen, the hands are the most neglected part. In general, people forget to apply sunscreen on the hands. But, just as it is essential for you to apply sunscreen over the other exposed areas, it is similarly important to apply the same onto your hands.
Exfoliate and moisturize – Remember to exfoliate and moisturize your hands from time to time. This will help you soften the skin of your hands. the best way to moisturize your hands is using fresh cream.

Massage – Massage your hands after a day’s work. This will help your hands get the relief from the stress of the day.

Go for manicures – It is also important to get manicured hands. Manicure helps in strengthening your nails and nail growth.

Stylize the nails – You can then stylize your nails to add that extra charm. Various nail shades are in now like the OPI Muppet Collection, Caribbean collection. You can get the nail arts done too.

Other than this, you should also remember to use gloves while working in the kitchen or any other household chores.
Tips for healthy and beautiful feet:

Clean your foot – Your foot is another very important part of your body. So, you need to attend to that too. Thus, cleanse your feet every day after coming home.

Use foot scrubbers – Use foot scrubbers to cleanse your feet as this can help soften your feet. You can also make foot scrubs of your own by using salt, lime juice, mint leaves, almond oil, white sugar and essential oils and so on.

Relieve your feet – It is important to relieve your feet and if possible try to do this once every week or whenever you feel stressed out. Try to avoid wearing heels more often.

Go for pedicures – Go to a salon for a pedicure at least once in a month. Professionals have better knowledge on providing you good service.
Trim and polish the nails – Remember to trim your toenails from time to time and varnish those with suitable nail colors. But also remember to let the nails breathe free so avoid putting n nail colors all of the time.

Hands and feet too are the distinct parts of your body so always give the due importance to these parts. Other than following the above tips, take immediate action if you feel any kind of problem with regards to your hands and feet.

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