This is a difficult situation that you can experience when your relatives ask you about your financial situation. If you don’t have financial stability, you may face this kind of embarrassing question. Financial discussions of any type are going to put someone or the other in an embarrassing situation. You can try out some ways to avoid this type of discussion.

It can be embarrassing if you are poor

When you don’t have much money at your disposal, you can feel embarrassed when it comes to financial discussions. Your friends may be rich and may flaunt their wealth, but you can also start some other topics for discussions. This will keep you from getting embarrassed. Debts can also make you feel embarrassed in front of your relatives and friends. You can initiate a discussion on the latest happenings in the world or the country for that instance. That can keep your relatives and friends glued to other topics more than your financial problems. When you’re having a get-together party at home, you can cook good and delicious food and other appetizers that can make them completely forget about your financial problems. Make them feel so much at home that they forget the problems you’re facing and you can pass a good evening full of their praises for your ambiance.

But this also depends upon you if you want to share financial problems with your friends and relatives or not. If you have really caring friends who can give you advice on your problems or good relatives, you can share your financial problems. Then if you share, that’ll be for your own good or you may lose a good advice on your debt management.

You can feel reluctant if you are rich

This is another kind of reluctance and embarrassment that you face if you have money with you. Your friends and relatives may not be rich and they may try to alert you as you’re financially sound. But if you can make them comfortable in your presence, they can spend time with you. You must try to be very modest in front of your friends so that they don’t feel embarrassed. If they have any financial problems, try to sort that out instead of telling about your finances. Don’t try to show off your wealth in front of your friends and relatives that they may stop talking to you.

Sometimes, it may happen that you may feel reluctant to talk about your finances if you’re rich. Don’t feel reluctant about that. If anyone tries to talk to you about how much money you have, you must tell them honestly without feeling anything. That’ll show your courage and also your humility. Be humble as everyone loves a modest person rather than a proud one. You can even try to reach your relatives and friends if they have any financial problems so that they can talk to you without feeling jittery.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re poor or rich. Talking about finances is always embarrassing. Try to sort that out with your close people as you shouldn’t hide anything from them and tell them all. But if you are rich yourself, try to extend that helping hand toward your friends and relatives.

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