Being a single parent, life may not so smooth like others. Busy work schedules, office work, appointments, social events sometimes make you feel like you’ve no time to play with your kids in order to make him/her happy. But, it may surprise you that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollar on his/her birthday party or a luxurious trip to Disney land or a special ice cream every time you back to home from office.

Entertain your kids in some simple ways

There are many simple ways to make your kids entertain. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Bake together:
    Baking is actually lot of fun. Specially when you’re baking with you kids on holidays. Both of you can spend some good time together.Another great thing is, your kids can learn the practical skill that he/she can use later.So, ask your kids for baking, making cookies on weekend and see how they loved to get involved with you while making a new thing. Thus, you can get some refreshment from daily work load as well. So, its actually a great idea to make your own food to enjoy a weekend with kids.
  2. Have some beauty treatment at home
    Personally, I like this idea because many times me and my mom spend some nice moment while pampering each other on a Sunday afternoon. My mom used to set a soft music and treated me as princes. And I love being pampered when she colored my nails,braid my hair. These days spa is very popular. So, give your kids a home spa and get ready for a evening out. I’m sure! like me your kids will love it.
  3. Visit park with your kids on holidays
    Getting free time on weekdays will be difficult so take full advantage of holidays or free time to give them your company and make them happy. Don’t miss national holidays such as, President’s day, Christmas, New year eve even V-Day is ideal to have fun with your kids. Mark each of holidays in calendar and plan accordingly. Your kids will love to explore new things with you.
  4. Watch movies on free time
    Watch your kid’s favorite movies with a bowl of homemade popcorn and enjoy a simple yet enjoyable Saturday night at home. Cuddling , playing wrestling, playing video game will feel them loved and special. A licensed psychologist in Philadelphia, Doris Jeanette, said: “It’s not the activities, but the energy behind the activities that makes a child feel loved.”
  5. Play play and play
    Nothing but spending time and playing will really make them happy. Play hide and seek, soccer,tag, twister to cherish the time throughout the day. And I can bet that, this way you can enjoy yourself more than they do 🙂

Apart from these, there are lot of other ways single parent can entertain their kids such as:

  • Writing letters to the family members or to God, Or making wish list.
  • Painting throughout the day.
  • Morning workout, cycling, skipping.
  • Gardening, paying with pets, caring pets.
  • Catching a Sunday matinee show.
  • Volunteering is a great way to give them lesson about life. Encourage them for good work such as, helping elderly person, building a pet shelter etc.
  • Playing board games.

Final words

Feel every season with your kids. Enjoy snow falling on your yard in winter, plan a short trip on summer vacation. Thus, both of you can enjoy the time. Lastly, Being a single parent you’ve lot of work to do. But you should play a role of a smart mom /dad to make your kids happy and make yourself happy as well.

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