If you have been wondering about going on summer vacation with your family but thinking about its effect on your wallet, then you must consider few ways in which you can have fun without spending much. Planning a frugal vacation may also help you in taking more holidays while not feeling the pinch in your pockets.

6 Ways to catch a frugal summer vacation

There are various ways that you can make use of in order to plan a frugal vacation with your family. Some of these tips that you can follow in order to opt for frugal vacation are as follows.

  1. Visit a less popular place

If enjoyment and refreshment is important for you, then choose a less popular place to spend the summer vacation with family. There is no point to spend thousand of dollars for an expensive vacation to impress your social network groups. A less popular place won’t punish your wallet and you can enjoy the togetherness as well.

  1. Buy tickets wisely

There are many sites where you can get few discounts on the tickets that you’ll have to buy to reach your destination. You can even get great discounts on airfare. One of the most important advantages of using these websites for help is that they can combine various segments of different airlines and by doing so they help you get the best deals. Another way, in which you may save on a lot when traveling, is by taking connecting flights. It is true that this may cause a little bit of a discomfort for you, but you’ll definitely save on a lot of money.

  1. Avoid heavy luggage

It is essential for you to know that you’re charged for your luggage when you travel. Thus it is advisable that you carry the minimum with you when traveling. Only those things that you cannot do without should be carried when traveling. This will help you save a lot of money on luggage expenses.

  1. Planning your meals well

Food is probably one of the most expensive sectors to look into when you’re traveling. So, try to Plan your meals in advance when you are on vacation. It is not only good for your wallet but also good for your health. Try to avoid the fancy restaurants that fall on your way and try to eat at

more economical joints. You can get some food packed as well for your journey if you feel that you will not get economical joints there.

  1. Cooking while on vacation

You may also cook your meals in order to save while you are on vacation. This will ensure that you save a lot of money. Open grill and self made foods can be fun on vacation.

  1. Plan a camping trip

Summer is perfect to enjoy camping trip. It is also an inexpensive way to enjoy vacation. Search online to book cabin in a remote location. You can also carry tent and gear of your own. Check craigslist, Freecycle to  get cheap yet good tent or great. If you’re lucky you can get free tent and gear as well. Camping is always a great idea to enjoy the nature in your own way.

Final words

Above all, start planning beforehand. Unless, you should pay more on almost everything including hotel, flight so on. Last minute planning is really a bank breaker as I have experienced it in my life. A pre-planned vacation is ideally a frugal vacation. Try to search discounts and offers that can be applied to your travel. Use points for hotels. Those who have travel credit card make sure to use it properly in order to get the benefit. These are a few ways in which you can plan a frugal vacation with your family. If you budget this way, then you can probably plan two vacations with the same amount of money 🙂